Nice buy if you're a fan of the arcade style beat-em-up and VS games.

User Rating: 7.5 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP
Perhaps one of the best features of this title is the beat-em-up mode with the overly-styled characters that inspired some of the wackiest cosplay suits fans ever wore. Though the campaign is short, it enforces multiple replays through playing the default characters to certain stages to unlock the rest of them. It may be as boring as it sounds, but watching the curiously crazy moves of all these flashy characters against an army of lizard guys made the replay value work for a while. And to add on, Dizzy is the best! Try spamming the triangle button and you'll complete this character in less than an hour. Ha! Try Zappa too when you unlock him, and check out his innovative specials.

However, one very frustrating thing is that since I'm a lousy arcade VS gamer, the easiest difficulty setting on the VS part of this game is still a killer. Well, I'm stuck at the I-No stage and she proved to be a real witch (replace w with b) with her ridiculously overpowering super moves. Or maybe I just suck at this. Nevertheless, I still had a good share of fun just by playing the beat-em-up mode.

On par with the visuals, the sound effects are also over-the-top, though you may have to put up with occasional annoyingly repetitive wailing death cries of some enemy types. Luckily, the constantly stylish rock soundtrack saves most of the game's audio quirks. Guilty Gear Judgment will be a good buy if you don't mind repetitiveness and embrace style over substance.