A 2-D fighter with a twist; good game but definitely not great.

User Rating: 7 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP

This game isn't just one measely 2-d fighter (though i love them), but packaged in that miniscule UMD, is another brand-new GG game called Judgement: mainly a side-scroller with pretty basic ideas. THrough and through, the fighting is what you came for, but the side scroller is what keeps you attached. On the fighting side, this game plays excellently on the psp, which each character utterly unique, but the side-scroller could have been a bit more fleshed out.


This game, like all other 2d fighters uses the formula you have come to expect from GG - vibrant characters with eye-catching details; although the fighting game is old, the psp screen puts life back into the game. It looks darn good; as for the side-scroller, it looks good. Good, if you call bland, repetitive, almost ugly screens, good. At times it's average, but mainly, it barely passes the bar as a psp game.


The score is unique and fits the game well. Nothing more or less to say about it, but that (nothing special).


Side-scroller: fun for as long as side-scrollers with no interesting features are. It starts out great, but innovation is little here, and becomes obvious extremely quickly. As for the fighter: no unlockables except for costumes, and the limited modes hault this game from passing the test of time. You'll play it, like it, and when the next fighter comes out, you'll take this back to GameStop.


A fun game and creative idea, but nothing more. It's good, but only as good as a repettitive game can be.