Solid package that will keep you entertained if some of its flaws don't bother you.

User Rating: 7 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP
GGJ is a good game and good franchise, in this package for the PSP you get two games, one it's "Judgment" a side scrolling beat em up, the other is "X2 reload" a 2D fighter.

"GG Judgment":
Nice looking for real, the graphics on both games are top notch and I love the anime style and feel this series has, the side scrolling adventure beat em up is a little repetitive but not as much as anyone would think, I believe it's not too short or too long, it lasts enough and if you play the game with all the characters you'll unlock more characters to play it with (some characters meet in the game and unlock them automatically) so there's some replay value there, it's typically brainless even though it has some sort of story, the only flaws I saw here were that sometimes the input commands for the moves are imprecise so if you input a "quarter circle" move a "forward, down, diagonal down" move will be performed and that might break your combo, also the second last stage it supposed to be a labyrinth but with enemies respawning all the times and all looking similar to each other, its hard to say if you been in a place already or not, it ends up being a frustrating trial and error game till you find the way out by coincidence.
There is no parrying system, you just gotta dodge things and this, mixed with highly cheap bosses with cruel moves, can be frustrating too.
Overall though its enjoyable, if you take it as just a past time game, and it's good how the stages are short so you can go at quick sessions at it, it will take you anytime between 2 to 3 hours to finish the game once, then you can go back and redo it with another character.

"GG X2 Reload"

This is the 2D fighter in it, also looking pretty impressive and with some depth of gameplay, what bothered me here was how confusing and flashy things can get, most special moves for example, have this burst of light coming out of them that you don't see what the move actually is or how to block/avoid it, also the difficulty setting it's a joke as even in the beginner setting the last two stages (9 and 10) are ridiculously hard, a rock b!tch named I-no is the last boss, and all she does is spamming moves and special moves that are impossible to block or avoid, I had to check on you tube just to see how to avoid her special, I never played any GG games before, and a final boss that hard, can be off putting for newcomers, I went back on maniac difficulty and she played just the same only now my moves would take less health out of her,only beat her once with Sol Badguy with his Burst one hit kill move, that was disappointing, we here to play a game, not getting our asses kicked for the 10th time at a game we just started playing, apart from that the characters seem pretty balanced and all have flashy moves and crazy personalities, never seen a cast of characters this crazy but you are guaranteed to find one you'll like,
I find myself playing a lot with Jam ( I never play female characters) but her style and moves are so nice and good to play with that I overcame my sexism in videogames.

In conclusion, both games are playable enough, even though it's hard pulling off combos or special moves with the PSP Dpad, you'll find that you'll go back to it and enjoy it, that is if you can overcome the frustration of the stupidly difficult final boss or if the insanely flashy moves don't make you blind.
If you like 2D fighters and beat em ups with a dark anime twist to them, by all means get it, you won't regret it,
if you are only a casual fighter player and you find games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage boring then steer clear of this game, there's nothing here for you.