its not the easiest game nor the hardest,,its a mix in between,,has it all but the game suffers from minor flaws,,

User Rating: 8 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
dont get me from its still a superb and unique game ,,

thril'l i had with all the online players fighting monsters,,creatures and so on=),,

the missions,,the quests,,the side--missions--all nice and in-touch=) ,,

online can be quite a challenge,,and hard,, specially if ur not the most accurate or perfected players and with skills;p ;)

graphics and not the least ,,all the looks of it makes it unique just like wow,,where u could fly on a beautifl blue ,,, .. like in Avatar,,

,,but here with this game is something diff,,something familiar and similar Or not at all Similar or Familiar ;P::anyway ok,,,,but also much the same or perhaps,,like'ness of Wo.w ,, like the life-ess and how the in game action happends,,but this offers another thrill,,its like a spinn-off of off wow,,like its little brother ,, or big,,depends after u;)

its The Wars OF tthe Guild'S Baby,,, water reflects perfectly,,athomphere is perfectly ,,,online tards and spammers ,,,and chat spammerrs,,,is good? =) ;p

ur a guild trrying or are explring unique levels,,areas,arenas,,designs ;p =) ,,

landscapes,,,farms ? ,,well uhm ,,,,,,

building up your Xp and level up works perfectly but that alot of time hehe,,,

but its a blast raeching those levels,,without comiting suicide;) and beating others,,having fun,,and get the game going,,and story and finish the game? and getting longer each day=) and meet new pplz,,friends to add ,,just maybe=) ,,,

,,,but there are a few moments,,where ucan wonder not all about this game feels right,,but i'm not to judge or tell u waht that is;) at least compared to wow;p=) ,,

there are or can be in game glitches sometimes,,which ruins the game or disturbs all after how u take it;=),,

not al lthings work perfectly ;p ,,,

lobbies? ,,,,,well anyway all in all from a techinal standppoint its a superb and good game right after wow:P=),,,well any i had a flying fun with this=);) ,,,but time not so sure;p ,,,,,

u will notice the flaws as u play good luck,,

like the Ai can be overpowered or the ai glitch and make its hard for u to kill,,or slay,,wahtever,,

and hf=) ,,maybe talk u sometime;) ;p

me out;p