After playing for all these years, Factions has become the best expansion of the series.

User Rating: 8.8 | Guild Wars Factions PC
When Factions was first released, I was quite dissapointed with the PvE subquests and pvpve ( think battlefied conquest mode). After participating in alliance battles and occasionally playing the competetive mission maps ( jade quarrry and fort aspenwood) I have come to realize that Factions was the apex of the Guild Wars timeline.
When this expansion had realeased, the original game had grown some age on it and the majority of players had longed for something new. The PvP had gotten redundent and boring but was still found entertaining. This expansion added plenty of new pvp skills and the oportunity to explore new Asian cities. Any player new to the guild wars universe will experience the same effect of playing it the day the update was released.
What's not to love? New pvp areas, new pvp skills, new pve everything.