From the moment you jump into Guild Wars, you will amazed by what it has to offer...

User Rating: 9 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
From the moment you jump into Guild Wars, you will amazed by what it has to offer. Guild Wars has the qualities of an MMO, but feels more like a normal RPG. From the time you purchase the game you will know there are no monthly fees. Instead the game is supported by the expansions available, along with some extra content you can buy off the NCsoft store via in-game.
The game also still receives constant updates, which is another reason the game is successful.

The graphics are still fantastic, even after 4 years the game just looks better with age. I must also add, it has some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard, and fits the game perfectly.

Even if you purchase Guild Wars alone without the expansions, I can guarantee that's enough content to cover for the next 6 months. There's just simply so much to do apart from the main missions alone. From getting titles (achievements), exploring the world, pvp'ing, or helping out your guild mates, you're set for the long run.
When it comes to weapons and armor, there is a little variety, but not a whole lot. Even so, once you have the gear you want, you'll more than likely end up creating another character, as it doesn't take long to reach the level cap. (20)

There are up to 6 classes to choose, once you have chosen the main class, the game will let you choose a secondary class as you progress. (Making you able to create your own personal combination of skills.)

PvP is one of the main features of the game. The game allows you to create a fresh level 20 character specifically for PvP alone. You can expect to find a lot of competition with plenty of gameplay modes. Guilds may also battle other guilds.

Guild Wars does not have an open world. By this I mean, don't expect to see players wandering around the world. Once you step foot outside a major city or town, you are in your own instance, so unless you are in a group already you won't be able to see any other players. (You can recruit henchmen, if you can find a party.)

Overall Guild Wars is a very solid game. If you haven't already tried it, there is a 14 day trial they offer. They are practically giving this great game away for free.

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