It just can't pass the superiority of WoW.

User Rating: 8.6 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
This game has a lot of content for the "no monthly charges" feature.
And yeah, i loved playing it. The world it offered was magnificent, but it almost seemed like there were no other players out there with you. It didnt seem like a "war" between guilds like the title implies.
However, the guild set up was extremeley in depth and immersive. And the unique style of PvP was refreshing. Though i really would have like to seen PvP and PvE react with one another, so you can get "ganked" or even pissed off.
The absolutely best thing that i have no arguments over are the "no monthly fees" and of course, every female character looks like a victoria secret model, and every guy looks like Zeus. No complaints there.