Having once been a longtime original EverQuest player, I find GW lacking in many areas.

User Rating: 8.5 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
Beyond doing the quests, there is little else this game has to offer. No strong in-game economy, no epic weapons or armor, no daylight or weather changes, items that are mostly worthless, no advanced skills system, no underwater exploration, etc. It's entertaining, but it's not the full-blown immersive and dynamic MMORPG I'm used to.

Then there are things that just don't make a lot of sense. Larger quests frequently contain sub-quests, but the linkage isn't always obvious. You click on the quest and nothing happens with no message as to why. Other times the compass doesn't update to show the quest location or where you need to go. I'm a Ranger in the game and the pet system makes absolutely no sense to me. You can collect dozens of different animals but none have any advantages over another as far as combat goes! So what's the point? There are many things in this game that leave you scratching your head wondering why they bothered to put it in the game. You waste time exploring something only to find out there's nothing there to explore. Either I'm missing something or they are, but it shouldn't be this confusing.

Unlike EQ, you get your own instance of the world (except in shared areas) as pointed out in other reviews. I'm not sure whether I like this or not--it was kind of fun in EQ to explore the world and meet others along the way, or join an already created group in the middle of a battle. Having your own instance of the world isn't very realistic and takes away from the multiplayer aspect quite a bit. But it also allows you to play the game by yourself, thanks to Heroes and Henchmen (NPC players you can group with). So the grind is mostly gone, but the dynamics that make a great MMORPG are missing.