Guild Wars Nightfall, best chapter in the GW series !

User Rating: 9 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
GW Nightfall is the best chapter in the GW series ! , Elona is a huge continent, fun and great graphics engine. The new features such as Heroes , are well implemented and extremely easy to use and learn, the game have a great tutorial area where you will learn everything.(Some people didn't like the Heroes idea tho) The two new profession are nice looking , balanced and cool. More than 300 hundreds new skills, a lot of new items and runes (inscriptable items YAY!). The PvP part of the game is just amazing, pure action and fun.

The Pagaron profession is good at team support , and a paragon is always present in all elites areas of the game. The Dervish are also great, they are good damage dealer and also AoE damage because of their melee scythe and skills.

If you are looking a game to spent some hours per day, you will love Nightfall!