...even if you stop playing once you finish, the journey will be worth it!

User Rating: 9.2 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
Let me start off by saying this is one of the most refreshingly fun games I have played in a while. The game allows you to choose between a slew of different character classes with abilities that are, for the most part, unique to the game and characters. Can’t decide? Don’t have to! The game let’s you wield two character classes at the same time for even greater diversity which lends itself to the allowance of true strategy, which, believe it or not, is actually necessary in this game.

The meat and bones of this game are some of the most challenging I have faced in a while. Unlike in most MMORPG’s where I found myself soloing with no problem, Guild Wars strips you bare of that capability and makes you strategize and work with others to get through a surfeit of exciting adventures. While the side adventures have been known to get a little repetitive, they are by far not as bad as in most other MMORPG’s, or as abundant as in other MMORPG’s.

The visuals in the game are also breathtaking and very supplemental of the game play and plot. The music is also very inspiring, but it tends to get repetitive.

Now, for the biggest part of the game: THE PVP. Yet again this game manages to do something other could not; make the PVP challenging and fun. In most other games PVP depends on your ability to grind and accessorize, but not in GW, in this game strategy is necessary. Why? Well, unlike in most games, there are very few items which outdo others, also every PVP character starts off on the same level, so it is up to you to combine skills which will deal damage and at the same time protect you and keep you alive. Of course, these are skills you need to find in the actual story and unlock by finding and crafting runes, and finding items.

There is so much to this game that the 100-word limit is not enough (like guilds, which are amazing! There are actual rankings, guild halls, guild competitions, it is truly an amazing facet… also, there is god favor which allows access to wealth-plenty areas… and it must be won through PVP!)

However, it is not all milk and honey. One can find themselves burned out on this game really quickly and if not too into PVP, the PVM gets repetitive and finished in no more then forty hours. However, future expansions aid solution to this and help eliminate the pesky monthly fees.

Get this game! It’s worth it, even if you stop playing once you finish, the journey through its breath-taking lands, and your epic battles with its ferocious creatures will make it worth it!