Great Graphics and PvP

User Rating: 8.4 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
This game is all about PvP. If you like roleplaying, it has some roleplaying, but the fun part about this game is the non-stop PvP. Great PvP balances and very short wait time.

I like the fact that you can change your stats without costing you anything. You're offered 8 slots for abilities. With that you're able to change strategy accordingly. You get to choose a main class and a sub class so your character can be very flexible.

I really get annoyed when you cannot jump off of cliffs. As a matter of fact, you cannot jump at all. I don't like auto-attack where my character can just run up attacking them with little control. I like the WoW combat more because it lets me jump and strafe. You'd probably want to jump down hills and cliffs sometimes, but the game is designed so that you don't fall off of anything.

Questing made easy. You're given arrows pointing your destination.

When it comes down to quality you get everything you're paying for. No monthly payments to keep your account up and the environment and characters are stunningly beautiful. I have not seen any bugs in the game. The updates just keep coming. It's a great game for its price.