I would have gave this game a 9.0, thats until i played WOW.

User Rating: 8 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
I have never played Prophecies nor Factions. Nightfall is my first guild war game. Nightfall is great, you dont have to look for other players for help to grind or do dungeons, you could just use computer generated players for help. The graphics is brilliant and vibrant, the sound effect is amazing.

Recently i began playing WOW, after i reached level 50 on WOW, i began to realize just how much deeper WOW is than Nightfall. Seriously, I didnt believe other people when they said Guild Wars is nothing compared to WOW. Now i am a believer. WOW is much much deeper in terms of game play, classes, characters, spells and attacks. WOW offers so much freedom that you literally infuse with the world. The only thing WOW didnt compare up to Nightfall is probably the graphics and the ease of travel.

Im sorry to say this but i am a WOWer/