Very WoW like. Better to play with friends as some quests require skilled group.

User Rating: 9 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
The game doesn't really cater to solo game play, even though you can hire "henchmen" to help out on quests. They usually tend to die however, very quick. Make sure you ALWAYS have a healer on your team, especially if you play as a warrior.

Building your character fighting techniques is tricky. You will need to learn which abilities are appropriate at a specific time. You will also need to learn how to incorporate curses, hexes, and other conditions, that will make your actual damage dealing attacks much more effective than they would be otherwise. For example, with the warrior (swords mastery), you inflict a bleeding condition on the enemy (sever artery), and immediately follow up with an attack that benefits from the bleeding condition. The same applies to all classes in the game as well. Also, there is a damage cap on weapons, you wont find weapons with super high damage rating... another reason as to why inflicting certain conditions before an attack are important.

You will need to join a guild to benefit from everything this game has to offer. With the guild you can have arena battles with other rival guilds, wear designer capes, and other stuff...

If you can convince a few of your friends to buy the game with you... do it. From my own experience, its much more fun to play with your pals.

In conclusion, this game is pretty awesome, very much like WoW, minus the monthly fees. However, Would NOT recommend, if your looking for a solo game like the Elder Scrolls series.