You won't fight alone...

User Rating: 9.4 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
I was one of the first to open the servers back in May 2005.
GW gameplay system impressed me, and I think its the best PC game I have ever played.
Beautiful graphics combined with great sound make you fell so good playing this game.. it has great value and it stands proudly next to WOW.

In Nightfall, we have a great story, two new well - balanced classes, improved graphics and sound, cinematics looks better then ever (the lips move.. heh), textures looks great, and sound is smooth and also well done.
The new hench system is also complex and well done, it shines through the new improvements in the gameplay system, that is paced with some great action and excitement.

I recommend this game for everyone, is contains all thing that should be paced in a RPG game.