Editor's Choice, the first 2 words that comes to mind when you play n see this game.

User Rating: 9.4 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
Guild wars: Nightfall, makes a stark contrast to the other 2 campaigns which in them selfs are still great. The Storyline, is full of Twists that prevent you or make it hard to predict the storyline which is good. Nightfall introduces the Hero system, which are AI controled heros, when you look after and level up and they are also important to various missions. The heros make a huge impact on this campaign and it's made the story more compelling than either Prophices or factions.

The first island you arrive at Istani, you be forgiven if you forget your still on the Training island, Istani is to Elona what Shing Jea island is to Factions, except the island is huge, compared to Shing jea. New graphics along with the sounds improvements make this stand-along expansion a must buy, Arenanet have simply out done them selfs with the new campaign. There are just few bugs which stand out that keep this from being a perfect 10, however game has have their bugs when their first realeased so it is no reason to hold it back at all

This campaign is screaming "Editors Choice" from Gamespot, I'd even go as far as saying game of the year.