Totally Impressed

User Rating: 9.7 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
I'm a fan of the guild wars series so it's hard to sometimes write a review about a game without being biased. So I tried to place myself outside the "box" when writing this. The game first off is beautiful. Just like Factions and Prophecies ANet has really got there stuff together creating gorgeous games and I have to say I appreciate the diversity they have with each games theme. What sets Nightfall apart though is the hero system, I love this feature. To be able to customize characters that fight with you right down to their skills and attributes has made my performance in battles so much more effective. To boot, you can give them better weapons as well. ANet has put some good thought into this game. I'm totally impressed with what they done. Nightfall is one of those games that when you play it, you know and you feel it's a hit.

My fav character is the Dervish, talk about massive damage for one character, wow! Once you level up and add your heroes that buff you, those numbers increase. ANet has manage to do all of this and a lot more and yet still provide "Free Online Play" hats off to ANet. The formula is obviously working.