You may have played Guild Wars before,but never like this....

User Rating: 9.7 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
This new and inproved Guild Wars is the best 60$ i have spent all year. It has a solid and powerful storyline and well done character voices. The game is perfect if you have not played Guild Wars before. It shows you all the ropes ,and does a fantastic job of helping you. It has an imersive story line and action packed gameplay that will keep you going untill the game is done. But wait it doesnt end there!there is plenty of pvp to keep you busy!There are 2 new classes. Paragon and dervish.

Paragon-spear wielding leader that uses party commands to assist his or her team.

Dervish- This scythe wielding enemy poses a threat even to the greatest of warriors.

This game does a great job on the storyline and has many graphical improvements that make the game look even better.

Go out and buy it.