If you haven’t even played Guild Wars yet then get on the band wagon and come see what your missing.

User Rating: 9.3 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
Guild Wars in one of the best mmorpgs in my opinion. The game when it first came out had its glitches and issues like any other game. Over time it has made great improvements. The game was solid 2 years ago and it’s still solid now, besides immerse game play this mmorpgs comes to you with no monthly fee. Now Guild Wars: Nightfall is the third installment in the series. Like the other expansion nightfall has brought two new professions; the paragon and the dervish. Paragons are the guardian angels of Elona, humanity's champions against malefic threats. They rally the valiant with Shouts and Chants, aiding heroes, henchmen, and other adventurers through inspiration and motivation. A Paragon's best weapons rely on an insightful mind, a courageous spirit, and a charismatic voice. Many Paragons also arm themselves with a spear and shield, striking from a distance as they shout their battle cries. Through insight, they help others resist Hexes and Conditions, echoing their commands across the field of battle (in fact, some “Echo” abilities renew themselves each time a Chant or Shout ends). When all hell breaks loose, a commanding Paragon shines as a beacon of light, driving back the forces of darkness.

Serving the gods as holy warriors, Dervishes stand confidently in the whirlwind of conflict. Martial techniques perfected in the deserts of Elona allow a Dervish's scythe to lash out quickly at multiple opponents, surrounding the holy warrior with a swath of destruction. Initiates often learn spells of self-protection, prayers that rush a warrior into battle and invocations that empower attacks with elemental fury. Masters of the profession can assume the form of a god, enacting divine will with holy blessings. Keenly aware of the conditions of a fight, a Dervish can reap great benefits by using multiple Enchantments. Wandering the savannahs and deserts of Elona, the faithful Dervish chants prayers to the earth and wind... and the fury of the sandstorm answers in response.

Now I haven’t played a lot with the dervish profession, but I have played many hours with the paragon. I have become quite the fan of the paragon I mean they are long ranged warriors basically. This class has a little less range then a spell caster with a wand. The primary spear attacks runs on adrenaline like the warrior profession. This profession was made primarily to be a support character to a group. There chants, echo and shouts bring all around benefits to groups. I was never a big fan of playing the support role except with my monk and even he can hold his own if he has to. I decided to take my paragon and make him into kill what you see kind of character. I chose to make him a Paragon/Ranger using the ranger’s ability to apply poison and other condition. I was happy to see that some ranger preparations can carry over to your spear throwing. Now this expansion it set to be pretty fast paced for those of us used to the long run it takes you to reach level 20 in the first Guild Wars. In nightfall you start off on a small island setup to get you to level 20 before you even get to the larger portion to the island and other missions. A lot of the beginning missions give you 2,000 experiences to complete. This is very different to the 100 – 500 experience your first missions earn you in GW: Prophecies. The best addition to this game is the use of heroes. There are heroes that you get to add to your group and unlock more as you go through the game. Unlike their henchmen counterparts these heroes are customizable and controllable by you. You can teach them skills and equip their skill set. There are buttons next to their name where you can click on that will open up a floater window that will give you control over that hero. You can set his status to attack (kill everything), guard (kill what hits you) or pacify (avoid all fights). In that window it will show you there health, energy and skill set. You can then click on the skills you want them to do. This is particularly important when you die and you want you healer to resurrect you instead of fight. It’s also helpful when you trying to kill a monster who heals itself you can get all your heroes to work with you to combine the right skills.

All and all this is the best game in the series. It brings a lot of great new features to the game, new continent, new professions and new skills. I recommend that if you have played Guild Wars: Prophecies and haven’t gotten this expansion to go to so. If you haven’t even played Guild Wars yet then get on the band wagon and come see what your missing.