This is a great addition to the Guild Wars series, and I hope they keep making more

User Rating: 8.8 | Guild Wars Factions PC
Guild Wars Factions is the follow up to the fantastic MMORPG, Guild Wars. In Guild Wars: Factions, there is a whole continent for you to explore, and the game will have you exploring it's many secrets for hours to come. Graphics in this game are great, they sometimes get a little glitchy, which then you have to log off for like, an hour or two, but then they are back on smooth. The gameplay, in this game, is considerably easier and more rewarding then the first GW. The rewards are much bigger. For such mundane things as talking to someone, you'll get like 5,000 xp. So leveling in this game is not hard at all. The PvP (Player vs. Player) factor in this game is awesome. They've add some much more to the pvp aspect, that it will keep you playing for a long time coming.

So I say that this is a great game, and definatly worth buying.