One of a kind, breathtaking game that will surely rock the MMO industry!

User Rating: 9.5 | Guild Wars 2 PC
After playing during BWE1 and the stress test, I can officially say I am hooked now. Overlooking the beta performance issues, I will list a couple of points that I believe are important on why I believe Guild Wars 2 deserves a 9.5.

Massive Scale:

Divinitys Reach. If you don't plan to play this game, at least find a friend who plays and walk around in Divinitys Reach. The shear scale and detail in Divinitys Reach is breathtaking. The videos do not do justice. Everything from the NPC chatter, to the buildings/roads/houses is top notch. Very little if anything is copied and pasted.

Other areas and major cites. I didn't get to travel around Hoberak much, but the little I did, the size of this place is just as large as Divinitys Reach. Another major turn on for me was small cities out in the world are almost the size of Stormwind (just an example). That amazes me. It is obvious that ArenaNet spent time perfecting this game.


I played a little of Tera and didn't like the character models (Japanese style) and the way they walk, talk, and jump. Major turn off for me. ArenaNet has spent a good deal of time with GW2 perfecting the way characters models move fluidly. Small polish such as this makes you realize that ArenaNet cares about their game and are in it for the long haul. The combat was engaging; a little difficult at times, but I like the challenge. No more standing in one spot casting frostbolts ;P

Personal Story:

I finished about 8 sections of my personal story and it ended up being different that I had originally expected. I was engaged. Sure, it isn't as good as a top rated single player game, but I don't think that is the purpose. The personal story was put together very nicely and gives you a reason to care about the world of Tyria and the main characters.

Overall, I loved the game. Astonished. I am a little disappointed in the fact that there is no dueling ATM, but I think that will change.

How could someone not want to pay $70 for a game and play for free forever with massive amounts of content. Cheap AAA entertainment IMO.