Greatest MMO i have played in 7 years! Happen to be Jaded with the MMO genre? this is what you need!

User Rating: 10 | Guild Wars 2 PC
I will start out by saying i have followed this game since it was announced.
I had EXTREMELY high hopes for this game and i was afraid it would never meet my expectations after seeing game after game fail to meet them.
This game however has renewed all my love for the MMO genre in a very refreshing way. A few things i can list are....

NO HOLY TRINITY: No tank, heals or dps! I was a huge skeptic on this one because i loved playing a monk! What surprised me even more was that it was better without one! Your team has to work together in this game more than any game with a holy trinity. melee cant stand there and be a meatshield, positioning and movement are needed to succeed. you will rethink the way you play and it really challenges you!

COMBAT: No longer do u have to play by rotation like in other boring MMOs to date. You choose your attacks based on what is needed for the situation. Weapon swapping in combat gives you a nice edge in battle. when say a ranger doesnt have any distance between his target and him a longbow becomes less why dont i take out a greatsword and slash them to death?
Thats only one example of many! Cross profession combos are incredibly awesome as well (meaning if you have a ranger and an elementalist on the same team, the ranger can shoot an arrow through the elementalists fire wall and cause the arrow to go on fire and hit the target for burning damage) DODGING is a great addition to Guild Wars letting you dodge anything if timed right.
You also learn skills by just using your weapon. NO seeing a trainer for anything. Dont forget the Traits system that allows you to customize your play style the way YOU want it to be. Weather it be doing more damage with your arrows, your pet hitting harder or Plain survivability.

DYNAMIC EVENTS: this is where it really shine for me! I hate questing and leveling in all MMOs now. This is because since WoW has been out everyone tries to use quests as progress. Not for Guild Wars 2. The dynamic events are AMAZING. Some may say they are candy coated quests but they are much more than that. dynamic events can chain into large crazy events that change the area you play in. Your encouraged to explore and there are hidden places all over that are not on the map. You can easily miss an event if you dont go out and explore the vast world of Tyria. i was playing guild wars 2 all weekend and discovered 4% of the total world.

THE WORLD ITSELF: The graphics are decent but the art and detail of this game is jaw dropping. The cities have life and one of the cities i went to was literally 20 times bigger than stormwind. Every inch of the city had detail. Every class has a main city and they are giant and rich with art. You dont find the copy and paste you do in every other game.

I give this game a 10/10 for innovation that no MMO company has dared to do. In an age of Clone MMOs...this one shines brightest. You will not forget your purchase!