Finally, an MMO that truly makes you wanna dance.

User Rating: 10 | Guild Wars 2 PC
I love Guild Wars 2 with all my heart. It is yet, the best MMO EVER! It is very addicting, awesome game-play mechanics, beautiful graphics and scenery. I cannot, quite honestly, express how I feel about Guild Wars 2 in words. It goes beyond just words. If I could marry GW2 I would, trust me. A ton of thought and innovation was put into this game. Every class is so much fun, it's hard to decide what and who you want to be. I played the beta, and I am hooked. You will not be disappointed with the beauty. It's going to turn the tides when it comes to the MMO genre. I hope you purchase the game, play it, and maybe I will see you out on the massive PVP battles, or WvW fights. Till then, get ready for some pure epicness.

One thing I must say. The first boss I encountered was about 5 stories tall, just massive. Screamed so loud it hurt my ears. It was amazing. It was one of the monuments where you keep saying, omg, omg, omg. lol.

I'm a grown man, 26, and feel like a kid playing the coolest game in the world.

Good luck out there and have fun!