Immersive, Robust, Addictive. The most likely candidate for GOTY!

User Rating: 9.5 | Guild Wars 2 PC
After the first Beta weekend, Guild Wars 2 is already panning out to be one of the kings of MMORPGs.
Combining the best aspects of versatility and addictive properties from other MMOs this is truly a title to be reckoned with.

Somewhere over the rainbow!
From the lush detailed mountainsides of Lions Arch, to drool dripping Charr fangs, ArenaNet/NCsoft have truly given gamers a new standard in graphics. whether your using Aunty'Ems old PC or the Wizards Crossfire system, this game is gorgeous!

I'm Dorothy, and I'm from Kansas!
With 5 races, 7 professions, Heritage, God divinity and Personal Story options to choose from, Anet is putting the RP back into RPG, players will never need to have the same game experience twice!

Weapons and Armor and Food!? OH MY!
The crafting system implemented in GW2 will bequeath upon all the diversity of an unending craft session! With account specific world items, everyone has a fair take of the proverbial ruby slippers! Even the most precocious pantomimists will be able to fill their boots with mining, farming (food) and clear cutting the likes of which even the Tin Man would be impressed by!

Follow the Yellow Brick...HEY WHAT'S THAT!
As you find yourself hacking and slashing through a linear storyline, the all new Dynamic Events system will have you running around like a flying monkey on a mission. Questing has been given a cutting-edge spin, almost like it had been through a tornado... giving you the option to participate in quests without having to speak to the lollipop guild or any NPC for that matter, makes the game fast paced, original and keeps the player going back for more.

Scare Crow, Tin Man, or Cowardly Lion?
Whether your a casual gamer, a first time MMO'er or a Grind Master from another realm, GW2 uses a level scaling system that allows you to go back, help your lesser team mates or take on enemy forces that you have no business facing. The removed urgency to play daily, gives GW2 the advantage over all previous MMO's to maintain a healthy player population for years to come.

PVP!!! (No wiz reference for this one...)
So I hear you like PVP? With 4 different (possibly more?) types of player vs. player action, the competitive world we live in will take a backseat to GW2. If your a casual, hardcore, or tournament style player, PVPVE, Classic PVP, World vs. World or Conquest Capture & Hold Team PVP will tickle your fancy. All PVP players play at the same level making the battleground fair and balanced, and if you played the first Guild Wars game, you know Anet likes balance (Here lies Shadow Form...) If your typical kill'em till he's dead format isn't enough, a reminiscent "FINISH HIM" option is given when you approach a downed enemy for a somewhat gruesome cinematic execution!

So if your looking for something to waste some time on, improve your hand-eye coordination or just something you can grind out on for the next decade, ArenaNet/NCsoft have got your number with Guild Wars 2!