Anyone who rates this game as a 10 or a 0 is an idiot. I have played it for over a year.

User Rating: 7 | Guild Wars 2 PC

If your new to MMO's it's an excellent game to pick up because it's inexpensive and fun to play casually. Leveling is beyond easy and I'm not saying that out of spite. You can seriously get to level 80 without ever leaving the starting zone in less than two weeks. And there is no serious end game so that means no raiding schedules or ever feeling forced to log on.

However, if your coming from WoW the only thing better about GW2 is that it is cheaper, nothing else. The combat pretty much revolves around auto attacking and healing. The dungeons are absolutely terrible and I mean you run in, run past all the enemies, and button smash a boss to death terrible. And most of the things in this game were copied from WoW and not as good.

I think I logged on for my first time because of the lack of end game so playing after you get a few level 80's is pointless. But if your looking for something casual it's by far one of the best games.