Will final release be dx 9?

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Will final release be dx 9 as in the beta as I really don't think this looks that good - beta looks very similar to Aion and GW Eye of the North looked better although that wasn'tn true MMO due to the instanced world.

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Yes, the launch of GW2 will be supported by DX9. However, Anet has stated that post launch they plan on adding DX10/11 support.

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This is a quote from Anet's forum:

Mike O Brien.2381 said:

We?re focusing on DX9 for launch because it has the broad compatibility and because graphics card vendors have added extensions to DX9 for all the new features we need. We?ll evaluate DX11 support after launch.

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People get so fixated on which DX version games use... I don't get it. I've seen games running DX9 that look hella better than a lot of DX10 games.

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A lot of the dx fears come from people being scared they will finally have to get off that dinosaur of an OS called XP because a game requires dx10 or better...