"True" MMORPG?

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Will this game be a "true" mmorpg, or will it be like Guild Wars 1 where everything (except towns) are an instance?  In other words, when I played GW many years ago, if you left a town without being in a group, you were the only player in the entire world/instance.

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It is a "true" mmo. :D It is a persistent world ;).
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GW2 is closer to WoW than it is GW1. It's a true MMOG like WoW, and not at all like GW1. Lots of people are ignoring GW2 because they (like me) tried GW1 and it sucked, and so they assume GW2 must be the same. I actually think this is a good thing, because it will slow the hype a little and allow all these people to discover the game based on good word-of-mouth and reviews after it launches.


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Its a cross of the two. The whole game is instanced like the cities are in the first game. So you do meet other people while you are out adventuring but you are on an instance. Also unlike the first game, you can't choose or even see what instance you are on, so grouping is a huge hassle...
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GW2 is closer to WoW than it is GW1. It's a true MMOG like WoW



I miss when True MMO meant unrestricted open world PvP, player built and player driven kingdoms, mostly open world content with few if any instances, ect ect.


WoW basically turned MMO's into a fetch quest lobby game