"Khalasar" from Gunnar's hold is recruiting

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Hello everyone,
With the launch of Guild Wars 2 me and couple of friends opened Guild on Gunner's Hold server, called Khalasar.

we are a guild of relatively "old" people(18++) with experience in MMO games (* ahem * WoW * ahem *). What is our plan? everything: PVE PVP WVW ... you name it ....
Anyone interested is invited to contact us in the game, the following nicks:
Shurick - myself (Guild Leader)
tornas aranic
Including everyone you see that has [Khal] attached to their name, then he is probably one of us and he will be able to invite you.

We have a website which you are all welcome to visit http://khalasar.guildlaunch.com/ and we also have a private ventrilo server.

Basically all are welcome as long as the "mind is sitting well", you do not have problem to download vent, you are serious and active player.
Right now we are about 20 players.
Thank you.