Not a fan of theming MMOS for holidays

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Love Guild Wars 2. Play it every chance I get. But I must say I'm not a big fan of holiday themes in these games. I expect after halloween there will be thanksgiving, then christmas, then valentines day.  Logging in today and seeing that I can now mine "Candy Corn" just kind of takes away from the living world IMO. Cheesy comes to mind. I DO support the idea of the 'haunted door' where you can go away to a place themed however they wish. That way you can go off into an area with the holiday theme or just ignore it.  But littering the entire world with candy corn for Haloween. Cheesy. And I would have so rather they spend their resources on something that adds to the LORE and story of Guild Wars 2.

My real frustration is that with so many holidays that we will soon not have just the Guild Wars 2 world. It will always revolve around some comercialized holiday. Soon Santa in Guild Wars 2 with candy canes and reindeer right around the corner. Am I the only one that enjoys these types of games partly because they are a surreal world without the news, themes, and memes from everyday life? 

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If GW2 is like GW1 they will do Halloween and Christmas events.  This actually, believe it or not, does go with the lore of the game.  If you playd GW1 than you will know that they didn't celebrate these holidays on Cantha but had their own Dragon festival and Canthan new year festival.  And the dragon festival and canthan new year was not celebrated in Tyria or Elona.  This really made the world ArenaNet created feel real and fun!! 

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you're a mean one Mr Grinch