Mesmer or necromancer ?

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I wanted a physical copy if Guild wars 2 but i couldn't get it were i live so my cousin will buy one for me , i should have it in 1 or 2 weeks ( can't wait ).... so i watched some class guides, i think i will play a necromancer or a mesmer but i can't choose yet X( so any advise ?
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also note that , 4 years ago, i used to play warrior/warlock at WOW
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A Mesmer can do crazy amounts of damage with this Build. Both are fun, but I personally think that Mesmer has more to offer groups in both PvE and WvW, I'm not so sure about SPvP b/c they nerfed Confusion to do only 1/2 damage. Just check out that build though b/c he gets around 23k dps sustainable on most bosses and single targets.
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The 2 most interesting professions Ive leveled so far are Mesmer and Elementalist. By the way, Ive leveled: Mesmer, Necro, Thief, Guardian and now Ele.


Cant speak about Warrior, Engineer and Ranger though. Never played them.