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Longshot Diplomacy is a small but networked group of friends that enjoys playing games together. We are laid-back, accepting of others, and always up for an adventure.

We support all levels of skill and involvement; any age or nationality: Klingons, Christians, and Dwarves welcome!

Obligatory Note: Maturity partnered with a good sense of humor is always appreciated.

Our agency is in an open recruitment phase and looking for a few good members to fill out the ranks. We are currently playing Guild Wars 2 on the Tarnished Coast server and Age of Wushu on the Blue Dragon server, but in general we enjoy most other MMOs as well.

Many of us come with plenty of experience in online gaming, actively participating in various amounts of PvE, PvP, RP, theory-crafting, etc... and are willing to share in any of the excitement, glory, or riches that our exploits may entail. Endgame content will be pursued as wanted.

Our underlying goals are to forge a longstanding legacy under one name; create bonds that transcends any virtual space or community; and build a home where like-minded people can relax and have a good time.

If these ideals are of any interest to you, go ahead and submit an application... its a longshot, but you may just get in. ;)