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I played for a couple hours, and my opinion is that I don't like this game at all.

Character creation is very confusing.

There are too many people working together in the "quests" or whatever BS name they decided to call them, so it becomes very confusing.  I felt like I was doing a whole lot of nothing while a billion people zerged the "quest" objectives.

Between autoattack and the not so impactful combat, I was not impressed with this aspect of the game.  I like to feel like I'm in control of my attacks and movement, and you don't get that feeling in this game.

There is way too much slow running around for the story "quest".

Worst of all, I was forced to save a gay plant guy's boyfriend to progress on the story "quest".


My advice, if you want a new MMO, try The Secret World.  It's a blast, not perfect, but fun as any of the last 20 mmo's I played.

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qq this much usually?
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Today on: "Reviews of Games Played for Less Than 15 Minutes", homophobic cynic has trouble with the fight system