How much teamwork is involved in dungeons?

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From wht I am hearing, everyone is essentially a DPS class and I would think that would make doing dungeons with other people pretty boring. What aspects of teamwork, if any, are needed for groups to successfully beat a dungeon? Are there any tanks or healers or does everyone just take care of themselves?

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everyone can go dps yes but they won't last long, most mmo's have the party set up as 1-2 tanks 1-2 healers and 1-2 dps but for guildwars it is more beneficial to have 2-3 tanks 1 dps and a couple of healers/debuffers reason being is that A. you will last longer for cd's to restart B. aggro, when a player falls and his friends try to heal him up the aggro will shift to the healer so you are going to need more people who can "pull the monsters"

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I remember an article from a different gaming site about how they did an explore dungeon with nothing but dps setups, despite it being a tad more difficult at times, by working as a time they were able to pull it off.

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Usually most people still go DPS in PUGS just because that's how most people play. This will get the job done through a sheer battle of attrition, but many newbs will quit after a few wipes. Obviously playing with people you know is a preferred approach. 

I've played through a few dungeons, and had a considerably easier time when playing in a group that effectively called (the right) targets while everyone focused on them. Additionally, it helps greatly if a couple people on the team dedicate themselves to heal / buff / debuff. Keeping powerful enemies blinded, dazed, stunned, or crippled will dramatically increase group survivability.

I've actually found that any team with a theif that effectively uses shadow refuge as a heal / revive assist skill is dramatically more effective. It's a great skill for helping people rez in a downed state, preventing the wipes that happen frequently while PUGing some of the more difficult areas. Kinda OP in my opinion compared to every other AoE heal right now...

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From personal experience I've gathered that there is little to no cooperation needed in story mode. People may be downed but you can quickly revive them ftw.
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Everyone's practically DPS, but there's still a fair amount of strategy involved. There's usually a combination of mobs that do things like AOE, heal, or cast debuffs so there's always an issue of taking them out in the right order. It's always a good run when there's someone calling targets and people know how to focus fire. Since there's a chance of mobs going after anyone, there's a lot more dodging and kiting going on, and you'll need to work together to rez someone when they go down before they're dead for good and it takes much longer to rez. Heavy armor classes are mostly melee, so naturally they take most of the hits, but you can manage without tanks if you're OK with being more evasive. You'll need to work together in choosing the right weapon sets and utility skills to make fights easier, and this includes choosing different healing and defensive abilities to either heal each other or help each other heal less. Teamwork is a necessity in dungeons, especially when you start doing the harder explore modes.