Dvd not working.

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This happen to anyone else? Just got it today and when put dvd nothing happens when do explore it pops out asking for a dvd? Like its blank. Bought it from bestbuy.

I put in D3 dvd and works fine. Anyway did open a ticket with guild wars but curious if this happened to anyone else.

Anyway not surprised my luck is like that all the time :?

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Are DVDs those shiny things people used to buy at stores to install games before the internet was invented?

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Stupid isp has limits and thought dvds instead of downloading would be better. Well had no choice registered the game and downloaded the client. So much for buying boxed version.

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i guess you have the same problem as me ^^ an old dvd drive wich hasnt actual firmware and now problems with double layer dvd's. Problem should be fixed through new firmeware if one is available