Cause to stop Guild Mission patch

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This is a brand new cause, arenanet have made some really horrible mistakes in the past such as the whole ascended fiasco and backlash, we forgive them because in the end - it wasn't really that big of a deal.  Casual players could still get hold of these items, even if it took slightly longer.

However, come the next patch on Febuary 26th this introduces Guild Missions which is already causing huge backlashes and something that should not be forgiven so easily.  This patch spells disaster for many small and casual guilds, the new guild missions are aimed at very large and highly active guilds only - all other players will either have to potentially wait months, maybe longer just to unlock some of these missions, not neccessily even being able to take them down.

The first guild bounty upgrade on Febuary 26th was for some moronic decision, the guild upgrade was placed into Art of War V catagory meaning, if you was in a PvE based guild, AoW5 has no meaning for you -- and not worth spending valuable influence on in the first place! Bear in mind...these missions are also PVE!!  And thats really on the icing on the cake,  some of the later upgrades are even more hardcore.   Really, it spells a disaster for the game in general if this patch goes live - its going to cause alot of anti-trust in arenanet, it WILL cause alot of people to quit the game - and to prevent this from happening, the players needs to take a stand -

If you care about what happens to Guild Wars 2 - join the cause

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