Can't join the official forums (error 404)

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Has anyone figured out how to work around this issue? I know many people have the same problem when trying to accept the EULA when registering on the official forums. I can't get support help or even ask questions on the board because of this.

Has anyone found a solution or have any official news from AN on this?


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it happened to me, it seems your email has to be verified, I'm not sure how I managed to do it but you'll find a link that allows you to receive an email to verify your email

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I did already. I just confirmed it again to be sure and got a "success!" message again. When I log in, after clicking accept of the terms and conditions I always get:

Error 401: Unauthorized


Sorry, but you have stumbled upon a rare error. If you are a person (and not a bot), it could be that you have disabled cookies. If so, you must enable them to use this forum. Sometimes corrupted cookies also cause this error. Occasionally when multi-tab browsing, if you logged out in one tab, you may get this error on another tab. Close all tabs and try again. You may also get this error when leaving browser windows or tabs open for a very long time. Close your browser/tabs and try again. If this error persists, you may try to close all other browser tabs, and log in again. If the error still persists, please email or contact Guild Wars 2 Support.

Cookies on, NoScript allowed, I can't figure the issue out.

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I'm actually having the exact same issue. I have never been able to log on to the official forums since launch. I've tried wiping cookies, 3 different browsers, and 3 different computers. I think it just hates me. I'm guessing something is either messed up with my account or my ISP.