Cannot Log-In and GW 2 Forums also down

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So much for early access for pre-purchasing GW2. I cannot even log into the game.

The forums are down, too, so you are redirected to their Twitter page. All you find there is that AN is aware of the logging problem and are looking into it.

The problem appears to have been noticed first in EU but I am USA and not alone with the inability to log in.

7:43 AM PDT the game patched and I am able to get to log-in screen.

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This is not a way to make a good first impression on their new and returning customers.

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i was afraid this was going to happen. even the all mighty Blizz failed to deliver the launch of their most anticipated title in years. I learned my lesson from D3. Unless it is clear that the game company is going to fully support their servers and provide a good launch for customers that have ALREADY PAID MONEY, then i might not ever play server based games again. I'm a lifelong gamer, but recently my faith in the game industry has fallen to new lows. money is king, customer satisfaction and support is a joke.

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anyone who puts money as their life priority is a **** souless piece of **** of humanity mistake and deserves to burn in hell. that said,Devs are just a bunch of ignorant **** that cant look further than their own nose,wont give a **** about the repercussion from their actions once they got what they cherish the most : your money

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Spoiled Much?

Every new generation of American gamers gets more and more entitled, and you make us look worse to the rest of the world.  This is still a Beta period.  Early Access is just that.  It's not official.  If you want to complain, at least wait until the set release day.  Better yet, with any MMO it's best to not even bother playing the first week while they wake out on the unknown variables like user stability.  You can't ever predict how computers will act 100% of the time.  Owning one, you should know this.  If you simply MUST consume as fast as your Crack can be delivered to your grubby hands.  Then at the very least be prepared for the problems that can occure when a new game opens online.  This type of crying is worse than children because your able to comunicate in a broader range and thus annoy many more people and seem much lounder.  So please stop your bloody murder cries at least til the 28th.  And even then you should sit back and have a chill pill and a little patience.  The world hasn't ended yet.  You still have you're superbowls, movies, and other games to keep you entertained.  

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Ehhh, I wouldnt say that's being spoiled. They certainly advertised the hell out of a headstart, asking for something that was advertised towards a paying customer is simply asking for what is owed.

EDIT: scratch that, he has only been logged off for a few hours, I thought OP didnt get any access lol

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anet is releasing a new build that's supposed to address several issues, as well as doing some server maintenance