What characters do you want to see?

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I would love to see Glorfindel. 

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I'd have liked to see some more genuine characters instead of several made-upsih orcs n goblins to fill out the evil roster. also seemingly its set before the events of the hobbit and whatever, hence why arathorn is init instead of aragorn... but erm why is eowyn there lol shes pretty sturdy for being minus 40 years old. glorfindel would be cool tho or elladan and elrohir. Mouth of sauron maybe . the different classes are fine but gollum deals more base damage than sauron as well as pretty much all the other evil characters so sorta imbalanced...

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all of the main characters. They dont have Elrond, Tom Bombadil, any of the real hobbits, Aragorn, Faramir, Eomer, Saurman, Wormtongue, Radaghast, Arwen, Beorn, trolls, ents, Mouth of Sauron the list goes on. Theres a lot of room for more characters.