Hoo boy, am I ever out of my league

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I played the demo tonight and I love it, but for once I feel truly out of my depth. I love how it combines tower defense, RTS and old school hack 'n' slash action RPGs. I also know that I'm terrible. After doing the tutorials I played the training skirmish. I won, and with a 15/6 K/D spread and three towers destroyed. It wasn't so much my stats as how I played. All six of my deaths either came by Gollum or by me accidentally wandering into the range of a tower and not getting out til it was too late. This is my first ever MOBA (boy do I hope I have that term right at least) and I'm intrigued by it, but as it seems to be online only I'm gonna need some help as I'm sure the ass whippings I'd receive in this game would be akin to playing a pro Korean in StarCraft for the first time.
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not as hard as you think, its really just staying behind the creeps and attacking at the right time. The complicated part of the game is gearing up. This game doesnt really have a jungling element like most mobas on the pc. Its there but it doesnt really give you any benefit. Still, all in all its a decent game only thing I hate is they were too cheap to actually make dedicated servers and it has peer to peer hosting so most games lag to hell.
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*scratches his beard* Still...with all the incomprehensible jargon for this game I feel like I may as well be trying to learn Cricket or some such. I think I'll try the demo's training skirmish one more time before I decide whether I'll buy or not.
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Try a PC MOBA, like league of legends. The only way to get better at playing other players, which the skirmish matches are all against AI, is to play other players and watch how they play and react to how you play.
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Ha, I know it's against AI players. The main reason I want to give it another go is to get the basics so I at least understand how to play the game when and if I get online :) Also, League of Legends would probably result in an infinitely worse butt kicking for me since that game has been around for ages.