I play this game before on saturn, same version but in HD, this game 100x better that castle crasher, support 2 playe on

User Rating: 9 | Guardian Heroes X360
This one best saturn games, and played this game everyday, this game is beat up support 2 players on xbox live any time, support widescreen, this game like castle craser but is 100x better,.
This game beat mix of street fighrer moves, what like this game is has many endings, it brach paths, you fight lots enemys on the screen. the graphics look like cartoons, this game beat up with rpg elements, I whish add voices no this game, but I have to read, if love beat up games then get this games , this game is crazy, you fight lost enemys, with no lag this game on exclusive on xbox live
I play this back the late 90's I been waiting this came out on xbox live, if finallly came out, this one most unrated game on saturn, hidden gem, true clasic game, cult game of hardcore sega gamers, this keep busy for days because this game so many endings. you want keep playing and playing to see all the endings