Guardian Heroes still stands the test of time as one of the best games ever made. Its huge and enjoyable from the start.

User Rating: 8.7 | Guardian Heroes SAT
Treasure had previously had huge successes with Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy for the Sega Mega-Drive (Genesis), and the quality of those games is something that one can't copy easily. Guardian Heroes was an ambitious project to make better features that were almost unthinkable to become better.

Guardian Heroes is set in a world of swords and mechs. Five friends find a sword that grants the user much power. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the kingdom and there is now a bounty on their heads. They are joined by a sixth person, and attempt to take on the kingdom. Along the way the sword unleashes the Golden Warrior.

The game has lots and lots of sprites on the screen at any time, and sometimes it gets really stupidly disadvantaged on your part. The frame rate doesn't let up much, which is remarkable. The game also includes an in-depth build system so that you can advance your characters how you wish. Characters have access to varying techniques and spells, and some excel in one field more than the others. This makes you think a lot about the choices needed for your characters.

The game is also huge and multi-pathed. Choosing different options allows different levels to be played. There are also unlockable characters for the Versus Mode, which is as fun to play as single player. The Story Mode can support up to six players, which is fantastic co-op. When you've unlocked all the characters, there's a lot more levels to do in Story Mode, 99 levels in total in fact!

Some of the bosses are incredibly frustrating on any difficulty, namely Kanon, the wizard. But the replay value of this game makes it so sometimes you can bypass fighting him in order to do other battles. It's small things like this that make the game what it is.

And that is a great deal of fun. Sure it is a very old game, but it is a quality title that deserves the recognition it got. Over ten years since its release, its about time it came back. We hold our breath!