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I'm so happy that SE at last doing something about those duper and people that spoiled the system.It forced me to hold my precious cards,so they don't fall into wrong hands.And now,I hope to power up myself for better ranking,since so many bad account had been banned!!!!!SAY NO to DUPE CARD!!!!!!! This is what I wan to trade out for: Almighty Ifrit lv60 intelligent Almighty PCT Titan lv60 Sexy Titan lv 60 ACE ( self caught and no reason not to maxed stone my only ace card,ritez?) Ifrit lv60 ACE ( trade back a few month ago,So far don't seems anything wrong yet) Vampire Matron lv60 Fast Valkyrie lv60 intelligent Dominion lv60 intelligent Bahamut lv60 Fast Apsara lv60 powerful ( as holy as holy water,clean and unstone) Vampire lv60 powerful/sexy ( same,clean card) Azi Dhaka lv60 sexy Phoenix lv60 sexy Lightning Lord lv 60 Sexy Raijin lv50 intelligent Ign:Triestan I in S rank now;-) like I usually did,before huge amount of duper card is in the market.mostly my card I'm using is stoned , but not in mp or defense(too costly,I'm a poor student:-p) For my Almighty and Ace,I will hope for good type offer.......I mainly looking for others ACE,fast ,intelligent type......I oso looking for 5 Star from snow field ,gargantua and jugganaunt ;-) Enjoy trading in a safe environment!!!!!!! Call me in 90033348.......if u r a local SG who wan to buy my cards in SGD;-)