Quitting GC for RoB or Marvel

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Hi i am qutting GC for Rob or Marvel too many games to handle lol.
My GC cards are:
Lord of Inferno lvl 51
Vampire Matron (Brave) lvl 60
Talos (Brave)
Fafnir (Powerful)
Cerberus lvl 14
Byakko (Cool)
Byakko (Sexy)
Medusa (Sexy)
Garuda (Cool) lvl 51
Garuda (Intelligent)
Giant (Intelligent)
Seiryu (Powerful) lvl 50
Seiryu (Fast)
2X Suzaku (Fast)
2X Suzaku (Chaotic)
Wyvern (Chaotic)
Jormungandr (Brave) lvl 51
Wyvern (Fast)
Ramiel (Intelligent)
Vampire (Fast) lvl 24
Pazuzu (Sexy)
15X Silver Slimes
Also a bunch of stones like: Rand Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Deluge Stone, Blight Stone, Earth Stone
and stuff that raises stats

I also have some regular rares so if you need me need to level anything in particular let me know.
Leave offers for RoB or Marvel cross trade here or pm me.

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Hi can I have the Lord of inferno please? Thanks! Please add me TheoOoo
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Hello I'm new to the game just figuring things out but I think I'm good at it. Anywho I would love to have your cards Good luck Golith999
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New to the game too! Ign: Stef123 will accept anything please :)
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i play, played rob.. i have rly nice dec battle me or trade me and see what you like.. for more info pm me