A challenging 2D platformer in a comical style guaranteed to push you to work harder.

User Rating: 8 | Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC
So many games today feel contrived and simply copies of other options available. It's refreshing to have a game like Guacamelee to offer an oldie-but-a-goodie gameplay format along with some challenging design that pushes you while at the same time draws you in at every turn.

I'll admit, I didn't quite finish this one as I got to Jaguar Javier and just couldn't get past him. I played on PC and altered my controls in various ways but it appears I'm just not good enough to finish this guy off. As such, I finished the remaining section in video. Ultimately, I do feel that I got hold a really good experience overall despite, in rare form, not proceeding to the finish line with this title.

The comical and colorful palette of this game demonstrates that it doesn't take flashy graphics to make for a solid game. While things started to lose their appeal by the end, ultimately things were fitting to the story, comedic purposes, etc to stand out as effective. While it doesn't hold the beauty of something like Trine, it is well presented.

I did find some of the game sections a bit tedious at times though fair. I'm just not as good of a platform player so I found myself frustrated at some of the repetition.(let alone the boss I quit at)

This is worthy contender for anyone looking for an alternative style game to include in their gaming library. I genuinely hope to see more from this developer as they've put in the good work to show they've got what it takes to make a captivating title.