A slightly frustrating but original platformer

User Rating: 6 | Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition XONE

It's so hard to really even start a review for this game because I honestly have no idea where to start lol. Well, As the main character, You are given a mask that gives you the powers of a luchador in order to stop the main villain, who kidnapped your love interest. Yes, It's a very cliched and recycled plot but the developer sidesteps that weakness by providing funny dialogue to the main characters and it really helps set the tone of dark humour that this game is trying to go for. And I give a lot of props to the crew behind that soundtrack because it's the real gem of this game.

The visual style is unique but the enemy design is certainly lacking at times and comes off as a bit bare to me. Same goes with the environments as well. There isn't much originality when it comes to the design and layouts of these areas and that's really disappointing because, after a while, It seems like you are just in this repetitive loop and it's hard to break out of. And despite the obvious charm that the game has, That charm can only make up for so much.

And the same applies to the gameplay as well. It's a platformer with a combat system mixed in. You learn new moves as you progress and these moves help you advance further into the game by gaining access to areas you previously couldn't get into. And it really does pay to explore these areas because they provide plenty of health and stamina power-ups, Not to mention coins to buy upgrades. And like most games, Certain moves damage certain enemies and it's all rather typical. It's fine to play but it's not dripping with originality. What frustrates me though is that sometimes the platforming is a bit too precise and the combat can be difficult when there's a cluster of enemies on the screen in the small area you're limited to. And because of that, You will suffer from quite a few cheap deaths in this game>

Now, There is a multiplayer mode but it's pretty bare and definitely underdeveloped. And IMO, It's more fun just playing by yourself because it almost cheapens the experience in a way. You won't feel as accomplished when you got someone else to bail you out every time you get in a bind. I felt the side missions were a bit repetitive as well. Most of them are your basic fetch quests and while the reward for completing them makes it worthwhile, They can be an absolute chore at times to finish because it's so boring and annoying having to run halfway across the map to get one item and then run it all the way back.

Overall: 6/10
Guacamelee makes up for its shortcomings with a ton of charm and it does leave me hopeful for the sequel but there's a lot to change IMO. Nix the multiplayer, Add more originality to the combat system and lighten up on the platforming. Also. Change up the level/area design. It's too repetitive for me and it all just becomes one big lump rather than their own unique sections.