A pleasant suprise

User Rating: 8 | Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition XONE

When this first came out on xbox ones games with gold i was skeptical because i wasn't a fan of the setting it was in but i thought id give it a try and boy was i surprised. First off the visuals in the game are nice and the music score is surprisingly pleasant and had a upbeat spirit to it. The game play was the real gem here because the combat is pretty deep and fun to play. the map design was also well done with many interesting and challenging puzzle-like areas to get through. The controls are fluid for the most part except for times where its either too sensitive or not enough. The story is ok nothing great but not bad either for a indie game. Overall for a indie title it was a pleasant surprise with deep, fun combat and a fair amount of collectibles and costumes to get, and for free how could you go wrong?