'Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition' Review

User Rating: 1 | Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition XONE
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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is one of the worst video games ever released in the market. It`s also one of the worst platformers I`ve ever laid my hands on. Let`s find out why:

I was skeptical at first sight with this game considering it is something that I wouldn`t pay top-dollar or any dollar for. I was lucky to have picked this `game` up for free thanks to Microsoft`s - take it or leave it -Games with Gold program. Don`t get me wrong, I love platformers as much as the next guy in line but for some reason this one got on every single one of my nerves.

The four hours painfully invested into this nightmare got worse the more I played it because the issues became more apparent and stood out for me to hate upon even more. Something as simple as climbing up a cliff simply does not work in this game. You can`t climb up anything like a normal person would do. Bosses that 'one-hit kill' you simply isn't acceptable anymore in video games. The lack of enemy variety leads to repetition and eventually boredom.

This game expects a lot from you. It is brutally unforgiving and ridiculously challenging to the point where it becomes absolutely no fun to play. However, even in the beginning of the game, nothing was able to entertain me throughout this miserable journey. I do like a challenge but when the challenge is trial and error until you pass it; it gets painfully monotonous.

I wasn`t able to finish this game. By the time, I passed the fourth or fifth boss giving up the rest of my sanity simply wasn`t worth it for this pile of junk. The game does provide a multiplayer-cooperative experience for you to drag your friend into. If you`re going to try it out, at least suffer with someone else. By yourself, you`ll end up going insane and wanting to shred each and every one of your hairs out.

In the end, I simply can`t give credit to anything this game was trying to accomplish. Nothing stood out to me and the more I played it - the more I absolutely despised it. I can`t recommend this game to anyone which should tell you why. If you`re going to give it a shot anyway, at least try it for free, pick it up (like I did) for free, or try it from a friend. Don`t waste your money unless you`ve got loads to throw around.