A great game if you love brawling,platforming and have patience

User Rating: 7 | Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC

Guacamelee! is a great game mixing platforming, brawler with very pleasant visual aesthetic and quirky sense of humor. The game does well introducing you to new powers and combos on regular basis and gradually increasing your repertoire of moves, which comes to use during both: platforming and combat.

I really liked most of the game, however, there are just moments of huge difficulty spikes. Most of them were due to the level design expecting way too much from the player to solve some very very tedious platforming. A good portion of the frustration was to due to that fact the controls aren't just tuned to such precision platforming required. These issues were few and far between, but enough for many players to rage quite. I hope the developers take note and make alterations for future games to avoid such bumps down the road.

Lucky for me, I finish my games no matter what, and I got to play through this otherwise fantastic game.