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So I'm at the part where you fight the male angel outside the ruins, Achiel (?). Anyway so i'm following the only faq, said to use dash on my melee characters which I do. First time, im able to catch up to him no problem, but unfortunately Bryntir falls behind, so I try the next time to use dash and make my two melee characters go in front of him to stop him from progressing further, it goes well, except for the fact the he used circle strike which apparently his version has a knockback, so I have to move them again to make them block him. But by the time they block him again he has his circle strike up again, this also hits bryntir so he gets knocked back as well. In the mean time his shield comes up so fast that Remus and Frayne aren't doing much damage, plus he has counter so i'm also healing sometimes. After 5-6 attempts I gotta ask....WAT THE F*** AM I SUPPOSED TO DO HERE?

Fyi my team is Crevanille, Frayne, Remus and Eliza, all lvl 37-38, I got most of the spells and knacks that are available to me up to this point, and I got the best armor in the shops. Please any tips will be appreciated.

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if you havent already beat this part by now by now use attack up, protect, resist, and cycle up before the battle

I used the same technique from that guide and took two of my characters with dash not sure if i had Leona but that character is strong and the move is fast with her also cast cycle up on Bryntir and spam fierce strikes with Remus, Main Character, and Eliza or Leona


also you can use the knack dodge up to avoid attacks from that angel so use that with the two characters you go in front of him with