Growlanser Heritage of War is a solid RPG, that doesnt overexceed nor does it deride its predecessors of the series.

User Rating: 7 | Growlanser V Generations PS2
GrowLanser Heritage of War published by Atlus in 2007, throws you into a world ravaged by war. Kingdoms from all over the continent fight for feritle land, the continent is undgergoing a blight an its reasons are unknown. The games introduction takes you through several characters individual stories through episodic events. In the beginning you play as different characters which gives you their background as well as explains the overall story through their view.

GrowLanser Haritage of War strays away from some of its predecessors game play mechanics.This title in the series is more of an action RPG, where as the others are turn based. You still have a time bar which tells you when you can issue a command to your other party members but you have more mobility and have greater control over your characters. The A.I works well on its own, but things can get frustrating when you want to issue a character a specific command but decides to attack the nearest enemy instead. The game is full of side quests but given its miniature map, quickly becomes tiresome as you traverse through the same locations frequently.

GrowLanser Heritage of War has a rich cast of characters but doesn't develope its main character's role enough to make players care for his or her story. The music was very good and enjoyable, I found myself pausing in the middle of the action just to hear the music. Although the characters and the music were interesting and enjoyable, during later stages of the game I became tired of seeing the same faces, cities, and landscapes. I would have liked to have seen more locations and a different artistic approach to the environments in the game.