Don't buy it at all cost. I is even worse than the review given by GameSpot.

User Rating: 1.5 | Growlanser V Generations PS2
First of all, I'm a big fan of Growlanser generation. I've waited a very long time for this game. Now that I have play it, I'm utterly speechless at how BAD this game was. Beginning of the game forces us to use some temporary characters. You'll need to play a few hours before the main character can really be accessible. But the problem lies in the inventory. Everytime we switch a character, all our items gone with the wind. If that not frustating enough, it has one of the worst map and abilities system ever. Its map is a joke. It doesn't make any different whether you access it or not. Its mission is very annoying, always consisting of we protect other people (civillain). I hate it when you lose a mission because you can't restarrt a mission but instead needed to load back your game. The storyline is ok but doesn't make any sense at all. All character are underdeveloped. You just can't feel a thing whether they die or not except a selected few. Man, the graphic is weak unless you accept arc the lad's type of graphic. Another thing that annoy me alot was the fact that the message speed is set and can't be changed. I've always use the instantanious message speed so I kinda felt boring with its LOT of talking with slow speed. With all that said, you can buy if you want buy heed my advice, you'll be better off rent it cause I doubt you'll wanna replay it.